He’s so his mother’s son, part deux

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Jane: Oh-my-god-Cinder, have you been sneaking off and taking extra annoyance lessons or something?

Cinder: No. But I’ve been watching Sponge Bob again.

Jane: Well, that explains it.

Cinder: Or, it could be all-natural, courtesy of your genes. Hmmm. Probably the latter. Don’t you think?


Jane: I’m going to go read the book now to Flora, you coming?

Cinder: What book is that?

Jane: You’ll love it. It’s called Butts and Asses of the World.

Cinder: Really?

Jane: Um…

Cinder: You’re the best mom in the world. Hey! This is The Mark of Athena!

Jane: You’ve been waiting for Mark of Athena since June.

Cinder: Well, yeah, but you got my hopes all up with that Butts and Asses book.

I’m so evil.

P.S. Rick Riordan’s The Mark of Athena! Finally!

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