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Want to connect? Ae you sure? Here’s the sadomasochistic social media scoop:

If you’re a blogger following Nothing By The Book just to get a follow back, read The unBlogger’s Manifesto to avoid disappointment.

I’ve cut down my social media to bare bones. I’m most active on Instagram. My professional self maintains a LinkedIn account, and I autopost to Twitter. I’m not active on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, or whatever else is hot this month.

The best way to meaningfully engage with me is to leave a comment or email me directly at nothingbythebook at

I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Happy to explore creative opportunities, collaborative possibilities–or just enjoy your stellar company and listen to your story–over a cup of coffee. Shall we say, Vendome, next Tuesday?



24 thoughts on “Find “Jane”

  1. Your post “When kids exclude” brought up some great points that I hadn’t thought about. It is true that we are allowed to have limits as adults, but don’t do a great job teaching kids how to have theirs. I think your point of view is very respectful of this need.

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  5. Thats a lot of contact details for an antisocial bollocks like yourself Ma’am…anyone might be led to think that you actually like human interaction? Go figure eh?! 🙂

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