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Want to connect? Ae you sure? Here’s the sadomasochistic social media scoop:

If you’re a blogger following Nothing By The Book just to get a follow back, read The unBlogger’s Manifesto to avoid disappointment.

The rest of you, come over here, and meet Marzena–Mah-zhe-nah… You know what? Just call me “Jane” until I have the time and opportunity to coach you on how to say it properly. In the meantime, let’s connect:

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or tell me a long story at nothingbythebook at

I’m based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Happy to explore creative opportunities, collaborative possibilities–or just enjoy your stellar company and listen to your story–over a cup of coffee. Shall we say, Vendome, next Tuesday?



24 thoughts on “Find “Jane”

  1. Your post “When kids exclude” brought up some great points that I hadn’t thought about. It is true that we are allowed to have limits as adults, but don’t do a great job teaching kids how to have theirs. I think your point of view is very respectful of this need.

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  5. Thats a lot of contact details for an antisocial bollocks like yourself Ma’am…anyone might be led to think that you actually like human interaction? Go figure eh?! 🙂

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