“Mom? Have you noticed I’ve stopped…”

Flora: Mom? Have you noticed I’ve stopped sliding down the banister?

Jane: You’ve been sliding down the banister? You mean the railing? You mean this railing? This incredibly dangerous, sliver-infested railing?

Flora: Mom! I said, have you noticed I’ve stopped sliding down the banister?

Jane: Um, no, I guess I didn’t.

Flora: Well, I have. … Aren’t you going to ask me why?

Jane: Um… why have you stopped sliding down the banister?

Flora: Remember that day Ender got a sliver from the banister?

Jane: Yeah?

Flora: Well, that’s when I decided to stop. Because a sliver in your vulva could really ruin your day.

Full stop.

English: Staircase banister in Antoine Cartier...

22 thoughts on ““Mom? Have you noticed I’ve stopped…”

  1. I should probably specify the above is NOT a picture of our very dangerous, sliver-infested banister. That banister looks downright inviting. Plus, there’s soft carpet below to cushion your fall…

  2. Yeah, still got a while for that, but with her being 8 months and another baby girl due the month after she turns 1, I wanted nothing to do with stairs! Charlie is starting to pull up and walks if you hold her hands. Baby gates, here I come! A bungalow sounds nice!

    • On the plus side, it’s one way to keep fit when you can’t leave the house. I’m sure if we lived in bungalows we’d be wishing we had stairs for some reason… grass is always greener, right?

      A year apart, how fun. It’ll be a tough go in the first bit–but how lovely for the two of them to be so close in age. It’s one of my regrets with the Ender spacing–that he is 7 years behind Cinder and almost five behind Flora. Yes, it made things easier in the first months, but… Did I mention the grass is always greener?

      Take care of yourself, and enjoy both your babies. 🙂

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  4. Oh man, I’ve got to remember to NOT be eating when I read your blog. Thankfully it was a soft sandwich or you’d be hearing from my hubby 😛

    Gotta admit, her reasoning is sound!

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