Quote this: A Mother’s Prayer

I don’t pray… and I don’t really like reposting sappy “picture” quotes, but sometimes, one pops into an in-box or a feed at a time that you really, really need to hear it, and so it was with this one:

Oh give me patience when wee hands

Tug at me with their small demands.

Especially when I’m sitting at the computer desperately trying to meet yet another deadline… give me patience with those wee hands…

And give me gentle and smiling eyes.

Keep my lips from hasty replies.

I don’t want to ask for too much here: gentle and smiling eyes would be bonus, but let’s just focus on what comes out of the lips. Words are important. Words are important…

And let not weariness, confusion or noise

Obscure my vision of life’s fleeting joys.

Life’s full of weariness, confusion and noise. So be it. But yeah, let me keep half-an-eyelid and a quarter of an ear on the joy behind the noise and the weariness. Always.

So when, in years to come my house is still–

No bitter memories its room may fill.

If this were my poem, I’d end it differently. Because it’s not about what it will be like in the future, is it? It’s about how we want it to be now. And I want to be patient now, and talking-not-yelling now, and focused on joy now because… well, I’m living now. And this is my life now.

Via my friend Liz’s Facebook feed via Ask Dr. Sears via Mothering Magazine. Author unknown.


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