Hate and love, Frida and Hamlet; also, inspiration

Why I love the Internet:

I write a piece called Frida Kahlo was a selfie master, and you find The Diary of Frida Kahlo: An Intimate Self Portrait for me, and it is in my hands the next day, OMFG, perfection, adoration, love. Thank you, my love.


Why I hate the Internet:

It’s ALWAYS there.

Why I love the Internet:

It’s ALWAYS there.

Except… when we hit pause. And we can do that, you know.


Suppose… suppose that instead of feeding the insatiable beast of social media… we focused on both making and consuming less content… but of higher quality?

I think I’m gonna do that. You?


I homeschool at least in part because the idea of dragging my kids (and myself) out of bed on time every morning fills me with horror. Plus—making lunches… ugh.

OK, there’s a little more to it than that, and I’ll be speaking on why & how my family approaches learning at the Inspired Calgary Conference on Sept 3., 2:30-3:30, at the Cardel Theatre.



Put August 11-13, 2017 in your calendars now. Those are the dates for the next When Words Collide writers’ conference and fest in Calgary.  I’m still digesting #wwcyyc2016—my first one—but in brief: I can’t remember the last time I’ve felt so energized and full of possibilities… it was an absolutely amazing experience.


If you need a shot of inspiration and can’t wait, the Surrey International Writers Festival is in Surrey, BC, October 20-24, 2016.

Or you can go to Iceland in the Spring.

Some deadlines:

September 1: if you want funding from the Alberta Foundation of the Arts for your dreams (or professional development…)

September 7: the deadline for applying to the Banff Centre’s Emerging Writers Intensive program.


If you’re in yyc:

This is the last week to catch Hamlet at Shakespeare by the Bow on Prince’s Island. Hamlet is played by a chick, man, and there’s all sorts of awesome gender bending going on. Last shows through til this Sunday.


Take your kids. If they’re bored, you can send them to the nearby playground.

Bring mosquito repellant. A LOT OF IT.


It goes on.



Frida Kahlo was a selfie master

Procrastination, or unwinding, 1:

Working Selfie

Procrastination, or unwinding, 2:

Working Selfie 2

Procrastination taken to a brand new level:


Cinder’s commentary:

Cinder: You know, Mom, I don’t know if you’ve heard, but before there selfie, there was this thing called the someone-elsie, and it was this crazy thing–get this–someone else would take your photo. Bizarre, eh? It was invented in the Victorian times by…




PS. No homework this week. Please yourself.

PS2 For Postcards from Cuba, go here.

PS3 What? I’m busy. And you’re on holiday. And I know you’re not doing the homework anyway.

PS4 Fine. Across the street (or hallway) from you lives a 72 year old woman who always wears a blue wig and carries her pet cat in a bird cage. This drives you crazy. And… go… 500 words minimum–the story ends with her dying and bequeathing you the cat and the wig.

PS5 For Postcards from Cuba, go here.

PS6 What? I gave you the beginning and the ending. You just have to take care of the middle.

PS7 Fine. Just take a selfie, fiddle with it in Photoshop or something and call it art.