You’re the adult, Daddy

Child 1

This is a short and sweet one for all the dads out there who sometimes don’t want to be the adult.

November 28, 2005.

Cinder: You pick the book, Daddy.
Sean: I don’t want to pick the book. Why don’t you pick the book?
Cinder: You’re the adult, Daddy. You pick the book.

November 8, 2012.

Sean: Ready to read I Am Number Four?
Cinder: No. I want to read this.
Sean: I am so sick of reading Horrible Science!

(Now, if I was scripting this, the next line would be Sean saying, “I’m the adult. I get to pick the book.” But no.)

Photo (Child 1) by Tony Trần

I’ve filed my mega-beast of a story and and, because nature abhors a vacuum, I’m playing around in the blogosphere. I’m visiting the posts and blogs from the More Than Mommies Mixer. See you there?


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6 thoughts on “You’re the adult, Daddy

  1. Love the conversation between Sean and Cinder–so cute and yet sounds like some of the conversations around my house! Following you back via email subscription under the name marciakesterdoyle and also liked your fb page!

  2. Lol how funny. I find myself saying “You’re the Adult!” to my boyfriend as well…this is usually when he doesn’t want to upset the baby so he wants to let her do what she wants, even if she shouldn’t. He can’t ever be the ‘bad’ guy!

  3. Thank you first of all for visiting my blog from the MTM Mixer. Your post sounded eerily similar to conversations in my home with my husband and my girls. Love how dads get to be the kids friends many times and we are more the bad guys as mom!! Truly relatable and again thanks 🙂 🙂

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