POSTCARDS FROM CUBA table of contents

I was in Cuba before Obama. And I want to tell you all about it… in pictures… in words… through sound.

PfC: introduction

the LISTENING postcards:

PfC: blame it on Hemingway — how it begins
PfC: Cuban math — two currencies, unstocked supermarkets, and beautiful taxi cab drivers trying to make a few extra bucks…
PfC: egg hunt — how difficult is it to buy eggs in Havana? Find out…

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PfC: we will survive — our destination is 25 km away, our ride is a 1975 Lada, death is imminent
PfC: and she asks, is being childless good for a poet — I introduce you to Jack Gilbert, but don’t connect him to Che or Fidel
PfC: but is it safe? — nobody has anything, but there are bars on every window. Why?
PfC: matches — remember how I couldn’t buy eggs? Now I can’t buy matches…

PfC: Lazaro’s farm — he’s a doctor who grows food and drives a cab, and I fall in love with him as soon as I meet him; you will too
PfC: flora, fauna + waiting — the answer to “Don’t any of these people work?”
PfC: on the bus — riding a bus in Havana is… you know what? Just listen.
PfC: and again with Hemingway — a marina where Hemingway never moored a boat, and other stories

PfC: if Nikita Khruschev had to wash a bra in Cuba… — the Cuban missile crisis in the context of missing sink plugs and the need to buy yoghurt in order to make jello
PfC: homesick — what is home when you’re in motion?
PfC: in bed with Jane Austen, thinking of you — wrap up of series 1

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mostly IMAGES:
PfC: I haven’t found a post office yet… (image)
PfC: what are you looking at? (image)
PfC: Acuario Nacional de Cuba (image)

PfC: zombie Fiat (image)
PfC: sharp edges & powerlines (image)
PfC: the ugliest building in Havana (image)

PfC: this is also Havana (image)
PfC: Necropolis (images + riffs)
PfC: the view from here (image)
PfC: but you’re not going to make us swim there, are you? (image)

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PfC: haunted house (image)
PfC: through bent bars (image)
PfC: get out of my dreams get into my car & pay me 2.5X the going rate pls (images + riff)

21-Get out of my dreams get into my car

PfC: a splash of orange, three versions (images)
PfC: behind closed eyelids (images)
PfC: castillo means castle (slideshow + postcard images)
PfC: a boat is not a boat (image)

PfC: the best stocked supermarket in Havana (images + riff)
PfC: skating on the Malecon (video)
PfC: my favourite Havana #graffiti artist (images)

PfC: altered doorways, one (image)
PfC: altered doorways, two (image)
PfC: altered doorways, three (image)
PfC: the playgrounds kill me (image + riff)

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