POSTCARDS FROM CUBA: my favourite Havana #graffiti artist

For Jenn. Who would have helped me track him down.

The effective sponsor for this week’s art postcards is Amanda Palmer’s Art of Asking.


His work is all over Havana, and I think I found him in an art gallery once–and one day, someone told me his name AND his address, and I wrote it down on a sunscreened forearm, and then lost it…

This was last week’s listening postcard, and it’s worth listening to: if Nikita Khrushchev had to wash a bra in Cuba

catch up: ANNOTATED table of contents for the POSTCARDS FROM CUBA project


Did you listen to that Amanda Palmer Ted Talk? Yeah?

Trio on benches at laundry park3

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Series 1 of Postcards from Cuba is now fully live. Check out the annotated table of contents for a tour, or, if you prefer, hop over to the chronological table of contents.

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