Cease and desist!

To all the lawyers in my life,  proof that you’ve inadvertently warped my children:

Jane: Flora, baby, what are you doing?

Flora: I’m writing Ender a cease and desist letter.

Jane: You’re what?

Flora: I’m writing Ender cease and desist letter. Telling him to stop taking my pets and chucking them down the stairs.

Jane: Baby, why don’t you just ask him to stop?

Flora: Ask him? But if I just do that, what proof will there be that it really happened?


Flora: Do you still have your old tape recorder?

First published July 18, 2012, on Nothing By The Book.

Re-runs. You know what that means…

F&E Best Author

Photo: When she’s not writing him “Cease and desist” letters, he’s her biggest fan…

5 thoughts on “Cease and desist!

  1. Following her logic, I realize that is what I need to do with my husband, who always claims, when I ask him to stopping doing things like strewing his clothes – clean and dirty – all over the laundry room, it’s not his closet for Christ’s sake, that I told him no such thing.

    God, you have smart kids.

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