How un-helicopter mothers parent


Jane: Jeezus, that was a bad fall–he’s been down a while. Do you think he’s conscious?

Marie: I see his hand twitching, he’s fine. Well, unless it’s a seizure.

Jane: Doesn’t really look like a seizure… oh, there, he’s getting up. So what were we talking about?

He was fine. They were all fine. Each of us came home with as many kids, with as many intact limbs, as we left with. It’s all good. How was your weekend?

In-between neglect… I mean, parenting and taking really good care of my children this weekend, I found out fabulous Anka at Keeping It Real made me her Real Deal Mom for the Month of January. How awesome is that? I think it was because of the How I broke my children post. Because it doesn’t get any more real than that… Have a stroll through Anka’s blog, and if you have a mama (or sanity) blogger you love you’d like to nominate for the Real Deal, she’s love to hear from you.

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Mildly appalled by Jane and Marie’s behaviour and wondering how we would have behaved if someone really was hurt? Read my friend Stacey’s post When Children Get Hurt about her processing of just such a scenario.

22 thoughts on “How un-helicopter mothers parent

  1. Before I had kids, I would have said how could you not even check, but now that I have two kids who consistently fall and get right back up, I can totally relate and even say your reaction was totally normal around these parts!!

  2. I find it’s the tone of their cry that makes me move. Is it the “I got snow in my mitts” scream or that squirrelly “I’ve broken my wrist” chortling that make my teeth stand on end. Sadly I have heard the later sound way too often in my house. The first time I didn’t and discovered I had in fact dislocated his elbow. That was on my 22 month old nine years ago. I’m a pro at the sound of cries now.

  3. Alright, so I think you can tell I’m a control freak from my blog, but even I have the “don’t make a big deal out of it” attitude. If she falls, I look but busy myself with something else and distract her in hopes we avoid any kind of crying. Sometimes I think my husband questions my parenting, but I think he’s starting to catch on.

    Imagine my annoyance yesterday when she fell at the mall yesterday and an old guy yelled, “WHOOOOOOPS!” at the TOP of his lungs and scared the bejeesus out of her. What is wrong with people? You’d have thought she fell face first from the top of the CN Tower (like how I worked in a bit of Canadiana into my comment for you?). 😉


  4. This is too funny. It reminds me a bit of Oz. He’s just like that. Me? With my older ones I’m more like this. With my younger ones I’m totally different. I hover a lot more, but not like a helicopter parent. I watched my son attempt to stand on his own yesterday only to topple and land flat on his back, to which I said, “What happened there, buddy? That wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? Those standing skills are just escaping you, huh?” It made him laugh and all was good. I see my middle son topple off the end of the couch (which he’s not supposed to be climbing on, but always does) and ask him “What’d you do that for? That’s not how you’re supposed to climb!” As a result he laughed and said he wasn’t trying to do that. Humor always wins in our family. No need to turn it into drama, right?

    And in case I haven’t said it before, I love your blog. It brings even more humor to my day. Even Oz loves your blog and he’s not much of one for blogs!

  5. Oh, Jane! I don’t know how I missed this post. Sorry for not getting back sooner. The kiddos and I got slammed with the flu. Anyhow, your ‘REAL DEAL’ t-shirt arrived today. Looks adorable!
    It posts like these, on how to be an UN-helicopter parent, that encapsulates the idea of moms who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is. You put me at ease. Suddenly, I don’t feel like the worst mother on earth for not cradling my children after every fall. Hugs~Anka

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