Ka-thunk. The sweet sound of Jane falling off a pedestal

Brothers wrestling 4


Cinder: Moooom! There’s blood all over the bouncy house! Creeper has a bloody nose!

Jane: What do you need?

Cinder: Toilet paper and a responsible adult. Is Dad here?

Jane: No.

Cinder: Fuck. Nevermind—I’m going to go get Lacey!

There are consequences to too much un-helicopter parenting. Hoverers and smotherers, take heart. This will never happen to you.


Jane: Great. That’s just great, Ender. So because you didn’t want to share the chocolate bar with Flora, when I took off a little piece for her, instead of enjoying yours, you threw it on the car floor and stomped it into the mat. That is just awesome. Fan-tas-tic.

Ender: Waaaaaaaaaaaah!

Flora: Are you going to yell at him?

Jane: I’m kind of yelled out, honestly. Yeah. I’m done. No more yelling in this throat.

Flora: Does that apply just to Ender, or to me as well?

Jane: What?

Flora: If I do something obnoxious and awful right now—are you so yelled out you won’t yell at me?

Jane: The question here, my love, is are you brave enough to risk testing that hypothesis?

She didn’t. She’s a smart cookie, that one. Just like her mama. Speaking of which…


Flora: Dad, what does arrogant mean?

Sean: Arrogant… sort of someone who thinks they’re better than everyone else.

Jane: Or it’s what incompetent people who expect you to be all shy and self-effacing because you’re young and a woman call you when you tell them you can do the fucking job.

Flora: Dad? Is Mom arrogant?

Sean: Yeah, kind of.

Jane: The word is competent. Com-pe-tent.


Ender: Maaaa-maaa! I peed!

Jane: In the potty?

Ender: No. In my diaper.

Jane: Jeezus—Kee-rist, Ender, you need to start peeing in the potty. Please. For the sake of your only mother’s sanity.

Ender: I will never pee in the potty. But I will pee in the toilet.

Jane: Great. Let’s…

Ender: When I’m big.

Jane: My beloved, you’re already big.

Ender: When I’m big as you.

A. Jesus, Buddha, Vishnu, Zeus, animistic spirits that live in trees and rocks—any potential deity in the universe—if you potty-train this child, I will convert. I’ll sacrifice a white bull, I’ll get a lame hair cut, I’ll wear a robe and dance at airports, I’ll hand out fliers door-to-door outlining the genesis of the great Ender-out-of-diapers miracle. Just. Please. Get him to toilet train. Now.*

B. Gentle reader, it is possible that at some point in the future, my arrogance will over take me and I will give you advice on toilet training. Don’t listen to a word I’ll say. Just don’t.

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*To effect the conversion, you must give me a clear and unfake-able sign it was you and not one of your competitors who effected the miracle. I’m desperate. Not gullible.

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How un-helicopter mothers parent, part deux

1, 2, 3 Tae Kwon do

Jane: Jeezus Keerist, what the hell are you guys doing? Stop! Stop right now!

Cinder: Mom! It’s sooo much fun!

Jane: If you’re going to keep on doing that, go down into the basement so I can’t see it. Go! Now!

Cinder to friend: C’mon, let’s go.

Friend: She really means that? We can keep on doing this in the basement?

Cinder: Yeah. But—like, if there’s blood or someone seriously gets hurt, she’s going to be massively pissed.

Friend: How pissed?

Cinder: Like epically pissed.

Friend: What will she do to us?

Cinder: Lecture-lecture-lecture-lecture-blah-blah-blah. It’s awful.

Friend: Would she get bandaids first?

Jane: I’m right here. Listening!

Cinder: Well, what will you do if there’s blood?

Jane: Lecture-lecture-lecture-lecture-blah-blah-blah until your ears fall off. Then I’d go get the bandaids. So—no blood.

Friend: I’m never really sure if your mom’s really cool or kind of weird.

Cinder: Me neither. Let’s go before she really thinks about this and changes her mind.


Boxing gloves in use in a professional kickbox...

A. You don’t want to know what they were doing. I’m still pretending I didn’t see it.

B. There was no blood. Thank the gods. More miraculously, I don’t think they broke anything…

C. The Cinder knows his mother well, doesn’t he? Yup. He sure does.


Photo 1 via Zemanta: 1, 2, 3 Tae Kwon do (Photo credit: Claudio.Ar). Photo 2 via Wikipedia. And what they were doing… way worse.