POSTCARDS FROM CUBA: a boat is not a boat

For Peter. Do you still remember that ferry ride from hell? I do…


That’s Ender on the Havana ferry dock, looking in awe at the cruise ship that dwarfs the city and the harbour… and asking… “Is that our boat?”

No, son, no it isn’t.

Flora: “The Havana ferry was basically a board with an engine.”

It wasn’t quite that bad. There was a roof.

Also… it was $0.20 centavos (moneda nacional) a person.

Non-sequiteur: The sight of that cruise ship in the Havana harbour was obscene. I have no other word for it–its size, compared to the size of the dock, the harbour, the city… obscene. Wrong. If you ever have a chance to take a cruise ship to Havana–don’t. OK? Please?

Coming next: the boat theme continues with listening postcard from  Marina Hemingway.


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