A whisper of advice to an exhausted blogger, uninspired writer


That’s all.

Forget about niching, target audience, stats.


Write three sentences about one of your kids’ curls. A pea smashed into the carpet.

Or: walk away from motherhood, parenthood, cooking, IT–whatever it is that your “niche” is. Write about something beautiful. Irrelevant. Important. Or not. Take a picture: and make a list of the adjectives it inspires in you.

Pull a quote from a book you’re reading. Do things to it. Let it do things to you.

Spend some time on Brain Pickings. Maybe start with Famous Advice on Writing. Or, no, no, read this, Susan Sontag on Sex:

“If only I could feel about sex as I do about writing! That I’m the vehicle, the medium, the instrument of some force beyond myself.”

… and see where that takes you.

Read Stephen King’s On Writing.

Here, in this space, your space, there are no rules but the ones you make.


Watch the Words, words, words playlist from Ted Talks: a collection of 12 fabulous talks for people who love words.


NBTB-Exhausted Blogger



PS Unless you’re getting paid for it and you’re on deadline. Then suck it up, grit your teeth and get it done (hopefully not while crying). But here? Writing for you?


You’re welcome.

20 thoughts on “A whisper of advice to an exhausted blogger, uninspired writer

  1. Yes – great advice! This is how I write ‘normally’. I expect nothing from it, hope that it will possibly help others, help others get to know me, and hope it will be something I enjoy looking back on one day. Of course, I also have little time to write these days and ALL I want to do is write…but that’s a different dilemma.

    Thanks for this!

  2. I loved Stephen King’s “On Writing” As someone who doesn’t write for a living I have the unmitigated and sheer blissful luxury of just writing for pleasure, whenever it takes my fancy, and my muses don’t tend to let me down. I think the secret is not to try to harness them but to just go with the flow, you are right, head off sideways, muses, like everyone else, get bored and just like everyone else are EXCELLENT at procrastinating whenever there is a tight deadline on the horizon.

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