“Everything back to normal, Jane?”


Photo: Sunnyhill friends, reuniting on our Common after the evacuation and clean-up

Hello, lovelies. I miss you very much and a-top of the things that will define my “new normal” will be my ability to return to regular blogging and interacting with you. But right now, I’m still wrapped up in the flood. I know many of you have been checking in with my real-life alter-ego’s posts and updates, and I thank you for caring, and I know many others have actively contributed and raised money for Alberta Flood Relief, and I am so very grateful.

Two weeks ago, my community got the order to evacuate, as the Bow and Elbow Rivers took in a month’s worth of rain in 24 hours, plus the winter melt from the mountains, thrusting Calgary and much of Southern Alberta into the worst flood–the worst natural disaster–in Canadian history.

In the 14 days that followed, our people have performed miracles. Our city’s leadership was incredible; our volunteers’ efforts unparalleled. In my own sub-community of Sunnyhill Housing Co-op, one of the most severely affected Calgary enclaves, we saved all of our units. “Saved” being a relative term: their bottoms are thoroughly gutted… but our homes will stand, be rebuild. We will be fine.

The immediate crisis in Calgary is over. But the rebuild will take months, and the crisis in the communities around us continues.

I have been chronicling our story on what used to be my professional portfolio–currently a flood blog, as well as Twitter. Here are some of the recent posts:

After The Flood: You Saved Sunnyhill

After The Flood: What Sunnyhill Needs on Saturday, June 29: A Kick-Ass Party

After The Flood: Sunnyhill Clean Up Day 8–This is Community

After The Flood: An Army For High River

To help raise awareness and communication around this crisis, my real-life Facebook page is public right now, and full of updates and photos. You are welcome to follow or just troll: Marzena Czarnecka.

If you’re physically near me in Southern Alberta, I know that you’re either struggling to get through this or knee-deep in mud in High River or elsewhere, helping. If you’re far away–spread our story. What we’ve done during this crisis is beyond amazing.

And I’ll see you very soon, ok? I miss you. But–priorities.



7 thoughts on ““Everything back to normal, Jane?”

  1. Unbelievable. I cannot even begin to imagine. Thanks for keeping us updated and sharing these links. It warms my heart to hear that everyone has come together and saved Sunnyhill. I’m thinking of you, my friend. Be safe. xo

  2. Oh man! I’m so sorry to hear about everything you have been going through. I have been on a 3 week blogging hiatus so this is the first I am hearing about it. What an amazing story of bouncing back and though there is still a long road to go it sounds as though the most important things are safe and sound.

  3. Oh my goodness! I’ve had my head up my ass! I had no idea that you and your family were affected by the flood!
    Thankfully everyone is safe and you’re house is still standing. I’ll check in on your other accounts to keep up with you. Sending you virtual hugs and real life warm thoughts!

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