“Where have you been, Jane?”

I  live in Calgary, Alberta. On Thursday, June 20, we experienced, along with much of southern Alberta–and are still experiencing–the worst flood–the worst natural disaster–in Canadian history.

I am running on three hours of sleep tonight, and running out the door to keep on working, salvaging. This is what I, along with most of Albertans, am doing now. If you can donate money to the Red Cross relief efforts for the Alberta flood, do it.

Posts from my real-life alter-ego on what’s happening in our community:

After the flood: this is what we need right now

After the flood: what Sunnyhill needs on Tuesday, June 25

After the flood: Sunnyhill clean up, Day 3

After the flood: what Sunnyhill needs on Wednesday, June 26

After the flood: what Sunnyhill needs on Thursday, June 27

You can view photos of what happened on my personal, real-life Facebook page: Marzena Czarnecka.

13 thoughts on ““Where have you been, Jane?”

  1. I truly had no idea and am sharing this all over, as well as seeing what I can do to provide a bit of help. I am just so sorry you all have been through this and know from enduring Hurricane Sandy last year first hand the destruction flooding can cause. Am keeping you, your family and friends in my thoughts and prayers now.

  2. I have been wondering about you and your family, and hoping you are all safe, and were not affected personally by this nightmare! I too am in Calgary, though far from the flooded areas, but my heart is breaking for those that have lost so so much! I am very proud of our city though, and the wonderful people that have stepped up to help! It may be a big city, but right now, it’s a big family!!

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