There is magic everywhere…

English: A unicorn.

Flora: What’s that, Mom? And don’t say gasoline floating on top of a puddle!

Jane: Um… well… that’s kind of what I thought it was. It isn’t?

Flora: No, that’s just what it looks like to the uninitiated. But you know what it really is?

Jane: What?

Flora: Unicorn pee.

There’s magic everywhere.

And in the above spirit, a Facebook meme a friend passed on to my lovely Flora earlier this year:

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

Now off you go and be yourself. Or a unicorn.

18 thoughts on “There is magic everywhere…

  1. I like this so much that I tweeted and posted it on my FBook.
    Thank you for your comment and thank you very much for reading my writing and giving it value.
    My comment on this lovely piece of yours,
    There is so much truth in simple words, easily overlooked in a puddle.

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