More proof we all raise the children we deserve…

…or, at least, proof that I’m raising the children I’m raising. You know what I mean:


Cinder: Here, Mom, eat this.

Jane: Oh, sweetie, chocolate. Thank you. What’s this for?

Cinder: Well, you look kind of sad and cranky, and I thought I’d apply the chocolate proactively instead of after you yell at us. Clever eh?


Jane: I’m sorry, Ender, I’m just not myself today. A little sad.

Ender: Oh, don’t be sad, my mama, I love you too much.

And yeah, she’s a little better right away. Who wouldn’t be?


Flora: Mom? You know what we should do tonight? Leave the boys to watch a movie with Daddy, put on some lipstick and go to the library.

Jane: Oh yeah?

Flora: Yeah. I think it’s what we both need. Now, where’s your lipstick?

Jane: This isn’t just a plot so you get to put on some lipstick, is it?

Flora: No. It’s a plot to get away from the boys. Have you not been here today? They’re freakin’ annoying!

Box of Chocolates

Sort of like this, but not really: Are your children the way they are because they’re unschooled?

AND DID I MENTION (oh, yes I did. Well, here I go again): I’ve got a guest post today at Oh Boy Mom, Go have a peek. It’s about learning to value gender stereotypes… when they happen to be true for your children.

16 thoughts on “More proof we all raise the children we deserve…

  1. Loved your guest post over Oh Boy Mom today. And this had me laughing just a bit especially the end with Flora (I thought she wanted to have an excuse to wear lipstick as I was first reading, too), but loved how it was just the boys annoying her all day long!!

  2. I haven’t read the links yet, on the way. I don’t wear lipstick so where’s the wine 😉 You have a real skill in recalling and re-telling dialogue (amongst many other skills I’m sure yes, yes 🙂

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