A very, very, very, very short review of Playful Parenting

Cover of "Playful Parenting"


This is by request for a friend mama who’s navigating through toddlerhood for the first time, and asked for my thoughts on this book:

Yes, back when I still read parenting books, I did read Lawrence Cohen’s Playful Parenting. Bear in mind this was aeons ago. I do think  there are quite a few useful insights in it, but what  I still remember best is my immediate reaction… which was this

This is a book written by someone who does not spend all day with HIS children for people who don’t spend all day with THEIR children.

The end.

7 thoughts on “A very, very, very, very short review of Playful Parenting

  1. Jane, I am never read this book, but how so many of the parenting books out there are so similar to your review for this one. Oh yeah, psychologists who probably don’t have kids or have nannies to take care of their kids write them!! Right on with your review though 🙂

  2. this book is a running joke amongst my friends. whenever anyone complains about motherhood, we ask in a very condescending voice, “have you ever read playful parenting?” cracks us up every time. 🙂

  3. Never read the book. But your assessment sounds spot on. Speaking of playing with your children, I am making a conscious effort to hit the pause button on my to-do’s. My goal is to sneak in five minutes of quality time with my kiddos! Of course, I am finding this short amount of time isn’t afforded to me. Terrible, I know.

  4. I’m going to have to pick this one up, I’ve been looking for another one to read! I just finished another fantastic parenting book I’d like to pass along called “Teaching Kids to Be Good People” by Annie Fox, M.Ed. You can check her and the book out on the website http://www.anniefox.com/. It’s a wonderful read and I’d recommend it to anyone. Thanks again for the post and recommendation!

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