Quote Me: The correlation between infant feeding behaviours and maternal mental capacity

Mother and Child

Breastfeeding. The most beautiful thing the world. Absolutely (once you and babe figure it out… but I digress). But it the things it does to your grey matter… To wit:

“Why can I not complete a coherent sentence?”

Jane, writing when Cinder was two months old

“I was working towards a salient, cohesive point here, but it’s just been sucked out through my nipples.”

Jane, writing when Flora was five months old

“I had a superbly well-articulated argument for what the real cause of this was and had to take a break to nurse tha’ baby and I think he sucked the idea out of my head.”

Jane, writing when Ender was six months old

Bernardino Luini - Nursing Madonna - WGA13767

And finally, she sums it all up:

“My brain is leaking out through my nipples.”

Jane, writing when Ender was nine months old

N.B. Ender is now officially a weanie. I need to start searching for new excuses…

Photos: Mother and Child by naturemandala; Bernardino Luini – Nursing Madonna.

More like this–I don’t write an awful lot about breastfeeding anymore, and I cringe a bit when I read what I used to write about breastfeeding, but Why Isn’t It Natural is still a pretty powerful post…

For funny nurslings-and-boobiesuckers stories, check out From the mouths of nurslings, The most important word and Nipple malaria.

For evidence-based information about “what’s normal” while breastfeeding and weaning and support, get thee to KellyMom or The Leaky Boob.

11 thoughts on “Quote Me: The correlation between infant feeding behaviours and maternal mental capacity

  1. Jane, I never did breast feed, but had a similar experience with my mind and thoughts, in fact I still do. Since I had my kids, I would forget my head if it were screwed on, lol!!

    • Maybe it’s interrupted sleep then? Or the pace of life that rarely lets you finish or a sentence or a thought? When I was little, whenever I had a cold, I thought my brain was leaking out through my nipples, so I suppose it was very natural to extend the metaphor here!

  2. Yes . . . that about sums it up! I went from being able to actually hold my own in an adult conversation to being like . . . “ummm . . . huh?”

    Thanks so much for linking up to the More Than Mommies Mixer on Friday! Hope you had a great time and found some great blogs as well as had a few new readers discover you! Hope to see you back again next week!

    Janene from More Than Mommies

  3. Jane, you’re a riot! Love the line, “my brain was leaking through my nipples.” Maybe that’s why I forgot to turn off the oven countless times while trying to cook dinner and feed my baby my boob. Soooo happy those nursing days are long gone!

  4. Well you lost all of that brain capacity through your boobs and now your thoughts are divided between yourself, your three children, your writing ideas, your personal life (if/when you have one), your husband and his needs, your extended family, and your friends. You are trying to have it all – makes the brain a little fuzzy not knowing what to focus on. Back that up and just say your brain is now divided by your three children because thats plain and simple the reality – even if we are detached a little we still think about our children all of the time. I think I read somewhere that our brains are actually growing in this stage. I breastfed with only small breaks for 5 years and I still hve to write everything down but not to the same extent. You are very funny my friend!

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