World War II explained, by seven-year-old

or, why I’m a terrible history teacher…

Flora: OK, I think I finally get why you don’t think the Nazis are ever funny.

Jane: Good.

Flora: There’s just one problem.

Jane: What?

Flora: It’s the name. Nazi, Nazi, Nazi. Rhymes with Patsy… and Klutzy… and… Batzi… it’s just a really funny word. Why did they pick such a funny word for their organization of evil?

Jane: It’s short for National Socialists.

Flora: Well that’s just utterly ridiculous. OK, National, whatever, but socialists? They so clearly weren’t properly socialized. I mean, if they were, they wouldn’t just go around killing people. And I bet that they never even said hello or anything before killing people. They just killed them. Socialists. Ha.

Jane: (Speechless.)

Cinder: Would it make it better, Flora, if they said hello before they killed people?

Flora: I guess not. Nothing would make it better. Not even if they offered cookies.

Cinder: Especially if they were poisoned cookies.


English: Plateful of Christmas Cookies