Math + Gun = …

A short moment for a commercial interlude: I highly recommend, a math website both Austen and flora have been rockin’ on for the last few weeks. With the following review by Austen:

Austen: You know what would make Mathletics better? You get points for right answers, right? But it would be so much better if you could use those points to buy guns and then fire them at stuff while you’re thinking.

You’ve Been Warned

Austen: Mom, remember how there were 17 kids at Flora’s birthday party? Well, there are only going to be 7 here today–and I have to warn you. It won’t be like Flora’s. … we’re all going to be hyper and it’ll probably feel like there are more than 17 kids here. Because we are going to form an army and take over the co-op.

Neighbours, take cover. Austen’s birthday party starts in five minutes.