And now, a brief illustration of unfooding

Steak Tartar Pin

Jane: Cinder, Flora, how do you guys feel about bean sprouts these days?

Flora: I love them, they’re so juicy and crunchy.

Cinder: Um, not so much.

Jane: OK, I’ll serve them on the side then.

And she fights the urge to extrapolate and to hammer the point home with a sledge hammer, because sometimes, it really is THIS easy. Honest.

Photo: That’s Flora’s “by request” birthday supper. Steak Tartar. Because a photo of bean sprouts would be really boring.

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He really will eat anything

Never, ever take advice from me on potty training. Or dealing with a biter. Or household organization. But on food… I really think I got food right. I don’t think any of my children will have eating disorders. Certainly none is a picky eater. To wit:

Ender: I want some of that!

Cinder:  Really, Ender? Do you know what I’m eating? It looks like chocolatey-cereal, but it’s actually rabbit poop.

Ender: Really?

For the record–no. It really was chocolatey cereal. Koala Crisps. We may eat with vermin at the table, but we’re not that gross.

Cinder: Really.

Ender: I never try rabbit poop. I want some!

Cinder: Well, we’re all out. If you really want some, we have to go the Common and gather some up. That’s what I did.

Ender: OK!

This is the point at which a good normal mother would say, “For heaven’s sake, Cinder, just give your brother some of your cereal!” Or, better yet, get the poor three year old some cereal. But not this one. This one just sat there and took notes:

Cinder: OK, dude. Go put on your coat and shoes.

Ender: I hope rabbit poop is delicious.

Wait, did I say I got the whole food thing right? My kids are going to need therapy, aren’t they.


Rabbit ! / Kaninchen! (Photo credit: Robobobobo)

Rabbit ! / Kaninchen!