Quote This: “Do I Have a Booger In My Nose?”

The hands-down winner in the category of “Parenting Tip of The Week,” from When Crazy Meets Exhaustion:

Do I Have a Booger in My Nose? Asking this question works wonders when I need my kids to: look up while I rinse their hair (shampoo + little eyes = HUGE fiasco); look into the camera; lift their chin so I can wipe under it; and it’s even been known to squash sibling squabbles. They forget they’re mad at each other and just think I’m an idiot who can’t blow my nose. Whatever works.

The full post, which is a collection of “a list of (mostly helpful) parenting tips. Here’s hoping some of them work so you don’t think I’m a complete moron,” is here.

In keeping with the quote above, the winner in best picture trolling around on my social media feed:

As the creator of original content, I’m rather anal about giving credit where credit is due, but the best I can do in terms of tracking this back to its source is the Facebook page of one Trampus Egerton. Thanks!

And, let’s wrap up with a Quote of the Day from my House:

Cinder: Mom! Flora is being bossy to Ender!

Jane: I need you to focus on the big picture here, Cinder. Yes, Flora is being bossy to Ender. But the important thing is that Ender is not biting you in the butt.

Cinder: Or flushing tampons down the toilet?

Jane: Exactly.

Live. Laugh. Learn.