Pandemic Diary: A pissy note to my friends who aren’t working

So this global pandemic sucks and nothing is normal and we’ve all got to be patient with each other and I apologize in advance that I’m about to totally lose my shit on you… but, like… I’m working.

A lot.


Learning new programs and things in real time.

Changing all my course specs.

Cancelling this and rescheduling that, and revising all the things.

With three children at home, one of whom is trying to finish high school, one of whom has health issues that are now 100 per cent on me and her dad, and one of whom, the most extroverted of the lot, is bouncing off the walls.

I do not suddenly have more time to self-actualize, attend your online yoga class, or go to your virtual house party.

I realize that in week four, five or six or this—I might want to.

But right now? While you’re trying to “fill” time?

I’m barely staying on top of the things I have to do.

So fuck the fuck off, stop sending me “Here’s something we can do with all this time off!” invites, stop sending me “Did you get my email?” texts, and let me do my work.


I’m on edge, just a little.

Day 17 here. x

Not all of us are experiencing the constraints of the pandemic the same way. Nothing is normal and we’ve all got to be patient with each other and I apologize again for yelling at you … but, like… I’m working.



4 thoughts on “Pandemic Diary: A pissy note to my friends who aren’t working

  1. Feeling the pressure to do more at home just because I’m not going out shopping/exploring/sight-seeing. I’m still working 40 hours a week, work is the most high-tension it’s ever been, the woes of the world weigh in every hour, and I still feel like I’ve gotta maximize my weekend because everyone else has more free time… I know it’s not true, but it feels true.

  2. Thanks Jane. Being home has pushed me into parts of the internet I knew I’d hate…and I do. Places where people appear bigger and better than I am. People who can push past the uncertainty and thrive. And it’s all bullshit. I found this post of yours and now I feel better. A human writing about a human response to a major event.

    So thanks. I hope you continue writing.

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