Of hot girls, Oedipus’ complexes (or lack thereof), and inheritances

Their muscles are tense, taut—arms out for balance—legs flailing—recovery! The kids and I are watching some dudes practice slack rope walking—an amazing feat. Looks like so much fun, too. And these guys are good, and getting better. And better. Clearly, it’s time to challenge them.

Flora: Wow, that really needs a lot of concentration, eh?

Jane: Yup.

Flora: I wonder what would happen if a hot girl walked by. Mom! Take off your jacket and go walk past them!

Cinder: I don’t think Mom qualifies as a hot girl.

Flora: Mom is so a hot girl!

Tightrope walking in park

Tightrope walking in park (Photo credit: Ivan Mlinaric)

Dear Cinder, if, at the will reading and funeral, why Flora inherited X, Y and Z while you’re just stuck with your share of my debts, remember this moment. Love, Mom.

On the plus side: he probably won’t marry his mother, eh? So that’s good. Cause we all know how that ends…

English: Sigmund Freud

Dear Flora, I know mothers aren’t supposed to have favourite children. But between you, me and the blogosphere, in this moment, you’re my favourite. Hands down. xoxoxoxo, Mom.

PS I’m taking up slack rope walking this summer. And not just so I can be distracted by the hot boys.

PPS Best funny from my blog inbox this week: Jen at Something Clever 2.0 says  The world is imperfect. But together, I think we can fix it. Spoiler alert: “Mechanical uterus. You know you want one.”

PPPS Most poignant post in my blog inbox this week: Kimberly at All Work and No Play Makes Mama Go Something Something takes mental illness out of the closet in Hide.

PPPPS Do any of you read all the way to the bottom of my posts? The ignorant slut wants to know…

26 thoughts on “Of hot girls, Oedipus’ complexes (or lack thereof), and inheritances

  1. Thank you! I hope your readers don’t assume I have a gynecological steampunk fetish now…

  2. Oh, ignorant slut, how I love you! I had a similar moment while singing in the car along with my ipod, when my six year old asked, “Why aren’t you a singer, Mommy? LIke, a real one and not just singing with babies like you do.” (I teach early childhood music classes. She then ruined the moment by adding that I was like, “Selena Gomez.” This post cracked me up. And reminded me that I need to read Kimberly’s post…

    • Extra points for demonstrating you read to the end of the post without actually saying you read to the end of the post. 😛 New idea: each post, I will identify my favourite reader from last week. Oh, yes. Foster intra-reader competition. Oh, yes.

    • Me too. I actually love it more coming from my girl than I would from my boy. Cause, you know. I don’t want him to marry his mother. She ain’t an easy woman to be husband to…

  3. I love how funny and real your posts are! You have such an amazing talent for making normal days interesting, hilarious, insightful! Thank you! Btw I always read to end!

  4. This is awesomely hilarious and it’s completely understandable why Flora is your favorite. Poor Cinder…nothing in the will but debt. And yes, I read all the way to the end.

  5. I always read everything…always to the bottom. I think you should definitely take up tightrope walking, but then I want pictures. My son used to tell me I could live with him forever. Now he tells me he doesn’t think his wife will like that. Let’s see who wins.

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