Sometimes it goes like this…

Don't worry, you'll always be my friend...

Sometimes, it goes like this:

Ender: I don’t want to help build it. I want to sit here and you build it all by yourself.

Sean: I don’t want to build it all by myself.

Ender: Why? Because you’re ugly?

And the adult can’t decide whether to throttle the child–“Don’t! Remember, we love him! We made him! He’ll grow out of this!”–or to cry.

And sometimes it goes like:

Flora: Mom? Do you want me to make you an egg?

Jane: No. I’m not hungry. I’m just going to sit here and be cranky and miserable. And resentful. And just generally pissed off at the world.

Flora: That’s it. I’m making you an egg. You so need some protein.

… and the adult wonders who the heck is the adult here?

And then it goes like this:

Flora: There you go. Don’t you feel better just looking at it?

Jane: Oh, my sweetness. Yes, I do.

Flora: I always feel better when you make me something delicious to eat when I’m feeling cranky.

… and the adult decides she’s clearly doing something right at least some of the time. Not all of the time, mind you. But, you know, enough of the time.


Q: What’s with the goat picture?

A: I don’t know. My brain hurts. I’m analyzing deal trend data, drinking too much coffee, and practicing excuses for all the deadlines I’m planning to break next week. Goats. Cute. Like Ender. Plus they lay eggs. No, wait, they don’t. Um… look! Shiny thing!

Photo: Don’t worry, you’ll always be my friend… (Photo credit: 2-Dog-Farm)


Q: And what colour is your hair now?

A: Wouldn’t you like to know…

Have a great week everyone. Me, I’ll be breaking deadlines. And a few hearts on Bay Street. Apologies in advance.


17 thoughts on “Sometimes it goes like this…

  1. sweet, crazy kids! mine never cease to surprise me, and it’s the little acts of kindness that make the rest of their crap worth it. also, in my daydreams, i totally want goats… cashmere of course. 😉

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