And, of body parts again

Child-proofing fail of the month, perhaps year:

Flora: Cinder! I found Daddy’s penis in Mommy’s bed. Is yours going to be detachable too when you get bigger?

Shoot me. Shoot me now. This one’s for you, Julie DeNeen.

Sales pitch fail of the month, perhaps year:

Cinder: But Mom!

Jane: For the last time! We are not going to Iceland to go visit a freakin’ penis museum!

Cinder: But Mom! They have a whale penis bone! A whale penis! Think how much Ender and I would learn!

Thanks, Iceland. Thanks a lot. (And yes, there really is an Icelanding Pallalogical Museum. On Cinder and Ender’s bucket list.)

Goal for April

Less anatomy talk. Please, children? Please!

… but while we’re talking anatomy, Here’s King Missile, with Detachable Penis:

24 thoughts on “And, of body parts again

  1. Oh my! That is priceless. LOL.
    I did giggle. Just a little. But giggle I did.
    And thank you so much for your awesome feedback and comments over at my blog. You definitely brightened my day. HUGS! Have a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

  2. Ah, the memories . . . .the song, first. I hadn’t thought of it in years. How does one forget such a song? And then the time my son told me – in front of a quiet group of moms and kids checking out the exhibit of naked mole rats: “They look just like penises!”

    I may have to put that Icelandic museum on MY bucket list.

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