Agent of Karma, Redux

From February 8, 2012:

Flora: Ender! Go bite Cinder right now!
Jane: Flora! What are you doing?
F: I’m making Ender an agent of Karma.
J: We’ve talked about that. You can’t be an agent of karma, and you can’t make someone an agent of karma. Karma just is.
F: Fine. I’ll just make Ender an agent of Flora. Ender! Are you going to bite Cinder or not?
J: Flora…
F: What? I have a mere year or maybe two while he’s in that do-what-sister tells you phase. Remember, you told me about that?
J: So?
F: So? I have to take advantage of it!

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Brief interlude for homeschoolers: On Undogmatic Unschoolers yesterday, I explain why we don’t “teach” math. But if you’re going to read only one thing about homeschooling ever, it should be this: What being homeschooled is actually like, by Summer Anne Burton on

Favourite thing in my in-box yesterday: Play Dates: Should My Toddler Be Practicing? from Deni at The Diary of a Reluctant Mother. (The short answer, btw, is “No!”)

Proof that other mothers’ children also swear and it’s not just me and mine: Where is that f-ing hat? from The Four Eyed Momster.

11 thoughts on “Agent of Karma, Redux

  1. Bahahaha! 3 of my favorite ladies, all in one place!!!!

    And I love it that you swear in front of your children, by the way. To me, it’s the intention behind the words that matter… Although I think I just say that because I have an inability to keep my language clean!

  2. How do your kids do it?! That is just brilliant! At first when I read the part where Flora said, “I have a mere year or maybe two while he’s in that do-what-sister tells you phase.” I thought, how does she KNOW these things??? I’m a MOM and I wouldn’t know such a phase existed! But then she said, “Remember, you told me about that?” I was like, Oh, Okay. I can feel like there’s hope for my kids again. But STILL! It cracks me up what she latched on to! Too funny!

    And thanks for the shout-out! What an honor to be mentioned on your blog! Good grief! xo

  3. I’m gonna get all geeky English teacher for a minute and just say that I love Flora’s use of “mere.” AND the open relationship that you have with your kids is admirable. Agent of Karma and cursing and all!

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