Check This Out: The Orange Rhino 365 Days of No Yelling Challenge


Orange you glad...

This challenge has been going on for 266 days for the “Orange Rhino” mom (a mom to four BOYS ages 5, 3 1/2, 2, and 6 months), since the day she decided she yelled at her kids more than she wanted to–and she was going to do something about it! She’s got 99 days to go, and for those of us just discovering her now, that just means there are a lot of resources and back posts for you to tap into. Start with Alternatives to Yelling, and then mine the site for other ideas.

One of my favourite tips that OR offers is this:

88.  Look at TV and pretend there is a hidden camera (fear of judgment works wonders)

… “Pretend there are witnesses” is a great tool for getting through “those days.” And if you can’t make yourself “pretend”–get out of the house to somewhere with witnesses. 🙂

Similar to this on Nothing By The Book:

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Photo (Orange you glad…) by Timmy F.

2 thoughts on “Check This Out: The Orange Rhino 365 Days of No Yelling Challenge

  1. I yell too much at my kids as well. I recently lost my voice due to a virus, and I couldn’t say anything louder than a whisper for 5 days. I think my kids enjoyed the break, and I found that they started whispering back. My house was much quieter during that time. So I like your idea of pretending. Now that I have my voice back, maybe I’ll just pretend I’ve still lost it!

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