“It’s impossible–it’s theoretically impossible to make a video game as bad as the Grateful Dead.”

Pen Jillette on video games:

…There is this tremendous amount of arrogance and hubris, where somebody can look at something for five minutes and dismiss it. …

…That kind of obsession is going to lead to a sophisticated 30-year-old who has a background in that artform. It just seems so simple, and yet I’m constantly in these big arguments with people on the computer who are talking about, “I would never let my kid do this and this in a video game.” And these are adults who when they were children were dropping acid and going to see the Grateful Dead.

I mean, the Grateful Dead is provably s***ty music. It’s impossible – it’s theoretically impossible to make a video game as bad as the Grateful Dead. I throw that out there as a challenge.”

From Erik Kain’s blog ar Forbes.com … which he got from an interview with Gameinformer back in November 2009 … but it just made its way into my life via a share on Facebook from a friend who’s the founding partner of a kick-ass Vancouver-based video game company.

Cinder, by the way, had his first programming lesson yesterday. Or his teacher had his first Minecraft lesson yesterday. Another adventure is beginning.

For my own video game awakening: How I got deprogrammed and learned to love video games.

Deutsch: Minecraft is a video game which allow...

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5 thoughts on ““It’s impossible–it’s theoretically impossible to make a video game as bad as the Grateful Dead.”

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  2. But they weren’t going to the Gratefull Dead when they were 6,7,8,9 and 10. I am going to have to blog on this topic but it is a hard one for me because I have so many mixed feeling about it.

    • It’s a tough one for sure–we have no models here, and no experts have the answers, we have to all sort it out for ourselves.

      I think the Grateful Dead point though, is what my original post was about: how can you just dismiss and hold in contempt something your child, your teenager loves? Especially if, when you were a teenager, you were engaged in a similar love affair… with something different?

      • I know….I know. It drives me nuts for so many reasons. Do you know what these boys have been talking about non stop since our last visit though? And they are going to die, if they do not get it…….and of course I am not willing to go there right now. I honestly find it to be scarey!

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