Gordon Neufeld on peer orientation, parent-child attachment and the universe

If you’ve been following my writing, you know that at one point in my parenting journey, I stopped reading parenting books. But I do go back to this part and that of Gordon Neufeld’s Hold On to Your Kids. If you haven’t read the book, but are a curious what draws me to him–here is a 100 minute video of Dr. Neufeld’s presentation at TVO Parents, Kids Need Us More Than They Need Their Friends. It’s a time commitment, so bookmark for when you have a few loads of laundry to fold and a quiet house.

If you’ve ever wondered what people mean when they talk about attachment parenting older kids–what that means–what the challenges are–this presentation is an excellent primer.

6 thoughts on “Gordon Neufeld on peer orientation, parent-child attachment and the universe

    • And it seems a particularly timely reminder at this moment, at this age and stage. For the F. girl especially. Did you watch it? Did you catch the part where he talks about how today’s kids are the third generation raised in this void–that we have a generation of grandparents who’d rather spend time with their peers–than with their children or grandchildren? I had never thought about it in those terms. But so true. I have so many friends whose parents don’t help out with the grandchildren at all, even though proximity and time are not an issue, because they’re just not interested…

      • I got half way through and it is why I try to get out with the kids without friends (avoidin gsome of teh group stuff).Otherwise most of our time together is home time with chores and drudgery. And fun time always equals friends. Balance is needed but I find particularily with my oldest I want that reasured time together where we are all letting go and having fun. I feel that eventually I will have to let go and time is going so fast.
        I turned it off after a half hour because I can remember to start back at 30 minutes. I did catch the part on Grandparents which really hit home for me as with my parents. They are not interested at all – very peer oriented. They always remind me that eventually I will prefer my friends as will my kids. Makes me sad really but because of Dr. Neufeld i understand that they do come by it honestly. Planning to catch the rest at bedtime tonight……….

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