Do you think he got the stomach flu when…

Cinder: Do you think Ender got the stomach flu when he ate that gum ball off the floor at Market Mall, or when he licked the watch display case?

Flora: I think it’s probably food poisoning from when he grabbed those chicken bones out of the garbage.

I’m spending the day today on the couch with a puking toddler. What are you up to?

Flora Takes a Nap

4 thoughts on “Do you think he got the stomach flu when…

  1. Reading other people’s blogs and relaxing. I was trying to read your 10 habits. Are you editing it or did you delete it? It gives me an error message? Nicole

    • No, I think he survived the duck carcass incident unscathed. Speaking of, I should write that up sometime. 🙂 Or do you want to? Re: your earlier comment, the 10 habits post will be out tomorrow; I was just fiddling with it and trying to make it display in chunks. But I think I failed.

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