All Work and No Play Sucks (Duh!)

Here is a piece from this month’s Atlantic subtitled “why your kids are more anxious and depressed.” I found this stat kind of appalling: “The researchers found that compared to 1981, children in 1997 spent less time in play and had less free time. They spent 18 percent more time at school, 145 percent more time doing school work, and 168 percent more time shopping with parents.” The last part in particular. Because I bet they’re not shopping for groceries and life’s essentials…

My friend RK counters that the shopping for groceries and life’s essentials does indeed take up more time now than it did a generation ago–because most parents now have to take their children grocery shopping with them, instead of being able to let them play outside. Good point. I’m just so grateful that our lifestyle allows our children to spend most of their time in play, and outside.

Made you think? Made you laugh? Made you scream? Tell me.

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