Ears? Who Needs Ears?

Every once in a while, we need an “obvious as a smack upside the head” reminder of the obvious. I’ve know for a long time Cinder’s not a strong audio-learner. In case I forgot it, the universe reminded me of it today. The kids wanted to do some “proper typing” learning and I pulled up the BBC Dancing Mat Typing programme for them. Flora loved it. Cinder? He spent three minutes with it before shouting out in frustration, “How the heck am I supposed to learn to type with this Frickin’ Cow talking at me constantly!”

Turned off the sound on the computer… whole different ballgame. (Final review of the Dancing Cow: Flora still uses it. Cinder wants me to find him something with no frackin’ cartoon animals.)

Test drive the Cow yourself here

One thought on “Ears? Who Needs Ears?

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