Greek Gods

Today, Flora is Hermes, messenger of the gods. Austen is Hades. And we are all agreed Ender is Chaos personified.

Yesterday, Flora to Austen:  “I bet if we were demi-gods, our father would be Ares.”

In other God news, Flora has now completed “The Twelve Labours of Flora,” and has been promoted from demi-god to minor god. All this time I thought I was raising good atheists, I was apparently just sowing the field for Greco-Roman pagans…

Swear of the day: “By Hades’ gym shorts.” Replacing “By Zeus’s third testicle.” Which, in case anyone’s interested, replaced “By Zeus’s left testicle” as the expletive of choice sometime last week. And for the really curious, it was on June 29 that our family formally  voted 3-2 to replace random ejaculations of “OMG!” with “By Zeus’s left testicle.”

Sometimes, I do think we’re a little weird.

3 thoughts on “Greek Gods

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