2010 Post-Mortem

So, the year ends. For us, a year that’s been both tumultuous and with pockets of deep contentment, a year marked by constant change—personified by the ever-growing Ender and his siblings—but also a commitment—of sorts—to certain key constants. We begun it and end it: in Calgary, at the foot of McHugh Bluff, a family of five living in 1000 square feet and one bathroom (reminding ourselves occasionally that in Europe this would be the height of luxury!), homeschooling, writing and filming, and otherwise continuing on our chosen, slightly-off-kilter journey. We are very privileged that you are part of our journey, although on your own, unique path. Thank you for being part of our and our children’s lives.

Made you think? Made you laugh? Made you scream? Tell me.

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