Internal Organs On The Ceiling

The heart and stomach still on ceiling. Lungs, intestines and brains have come down. So has the leech–watch out, Babi. It’s coming over on Friday.

Perhaps I should explain. Earlier this month, a momentous event in Austen and Flora’s homeschooling adventure took place: Babi smuggled across the American border two suitcases of Horrible Science and Horrible Histories magazines. OK, she didn’t exactly smuggle them: these are UK publications that are not available in Canada. But, Ray at Horrible Books in San Diego, California, periodically brings them in for US clients. Unfortunately, Ray’s reluctant to ship to Canada (he’s weird. It’s an American thing). But he’ll ship to New York and so, on her April trip to New York, instead of coming back with a suitcase full of Park Avenue goodies, Babi had to leave her undies behind in order to deliver 80 issues of Horrible Science and 80 issues of Horrible Histories to her grandchildren. What a good grandma. (I don’t think she really left her undies behind. I just put that in because it’s very late at night and I’m light-headed and delirious.)

The magazines came with all sorts of goodies, including rubber internal organs. It was just a matter of time before Austen and Flora would discover they attached to walls… and the ceiling… 

Made you think? Made you laugh? Made you scream? Tell me.

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